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Useful Links

Get involved in research through the East Midlands Clinical Research Network


Research Networks and Organisations

Links to other trainee-led collaborative research networks:

WMRiG (West Midlands Research in Gastroenterology Group)

MERCAT (East Midlands Anaesthetic Trainee Network)

EMSAN (East Midlands Surgical Academic Network)

WMRC (West Midlands Research Collaborative)

National Research Collaborative

Links to gastroenterology research organisations:

Midland Gastroenterological Society (MGS)

Guts UK

British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG) research section

Quality Improvement Hub

The Quality Improvement Hub website provides a range of resources to support organisations in quality improvement. The site has a fairly comprehensive set of quality improvement tools to help support improvement work along with detailed areas on education implementation support.


Quality Improvement Tools (QI Hub website)

Knowledge Centre (QI Hub website)

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