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Authorship AGREEMENT

Our aims require that a collaborative spirit is at the core of the GARNet and to ensure that the contributions of the membership and associates are recognised through a transparent process.

9.1 - All output from projects delivered by the GARNet, including but not limited to abstracts, poster presentations, oral presentations and publications, shall be authored as “Gastroenterology Audit and Research Network (GARNet)” or “The GARNet”. This may be prefixed or suffixed with “East Midlands”, “East Midlands Trainees” or “EMiT”. For oral presentations, but not the submitted abstract, the individual(s) delivering the presentation may author as before but prefixed with “[Their Name(s)] on behalf of”.


9.2 - this paragraph explains the responsibilities for planning, preparing, presenting and submitting/publishing the output for a Project and the listing of corresponding author (see the full Constitution).


9.3 to 9.7 - Only the individuals both from the membership and who specifically contributed to that Project as a member of the Study Team shall be acknowledged as authors. The list of authors shall be included in any poster presentations and publications, alphabetically by surname.

For publications, the citation shall be available for each individual in bibliographic databases such as PubMed such that any contribution to a project, however small, is recognised. Any member of the Study Team may reference such a publication on their curriculum vitae.

The Project Roles of individuals from the membership who specifically contributed to that project shall be acknowledged on the public GARNet website and in the acknowledgements slide of any oral presentations. Where requested by the journal, the contributions of individual members may be included in publications in the format required by that journal.

Any non-member who contributed as a Site Project Contributor shall be acknowledged on the GARNet website with their written consent, though may instead join the GARNet.


9.8 - Project data may be presented at local meetings by Members or Associate Members, typically by the Site Project Lead(s) and/or Site Project Investigator(s). Project data for a single site may also be presented in abstract form, as a poster or oral presentation, or as a publication on provision of written consent from the Regional Project Lead(s) and a simple majority of Officers. The GARNet and the Regional Project Lead(s) shall be acknowledged in this case.


9.9 - For projects initiated in collaboration with, or delivered in our region on behalf of, other trainee-led collaboratives in Gastroenterology and other specialties, different authorship rules may apply. Exceptionally, a GARNet project might also require specific authorship rules. Non-standard authorship rules shall only apply to a project where this is approved unanimously by all of the committee and/or by a two-thirds majority of members at an AGM or EGM. If non-standard authorship rules are applied to a specific project, these shall be communicated to the membership up-front and shall not be changed retrospectively.

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