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About THE GARnet



The Gastroenterology Audit and Research Network (the GARNet) is a trainee-led collaborative network of Gastroenterology specialty registrars based in the East Midlands, together with honorary consultant members and associate members (other doctors, medical students and other professionals).

Our mission is to plan and deliver high quality, trainee-led, collaborative, multi-centre audit and research in
gastroenterology and hepatology for the benefit of current and future patients.

Please navigate via the "ABOUT" sub-menu or click below for more details about:

The GARNet

How to join

The committee

Meetings and minutes

Our authorship rules

Our constitution

Plus check out:

Our Current Project (with which we launched our network) and Future Projects

Information on how to get involved with research through the NIHR-CRN

Useful links to other research organisations and trainee-led networks

If you're interested in starting your own network, we've put together some tips and links to other resources.


We'd be delighted to hear from you.

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